Saturday, October 12, 2013

Skeleton Pirates

Skeleton Pirates
Skeleton Pirates
Get standing by in support of the ultimate battle in Skeleton Pirates! The pirates are bearing in mind your treasure maps so as to are well-hidden on your boat! Defend your boat and care for your maps using an munitions store of cannons, catapults, bombs and other obstacles. Don't allow the pirates enter your chambers to slip your treasure or lay their gaunt hands on your precious maps! Come about warned, the longer you defend your loot, the more aggressive these pirates befall. They will service each trick in the report, from bombarding your boat to using supports to board; they'll even fool around enchanted tricks in an effort to grasp their goal! Can you care for your boat and crew from these boney bandits?

3 unique game modes
120 another levels in adventure mode
40 weapons to wish from

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