Sunday, October 27, 2013

Baking Success

Baking Success

When her grandparents' bakery faces economic ruin, Fay Cloud decides to calibrate not worth it on the journey of a life! She renovates an old, rickety dirigible into a fully functioning, speedy bakery and takes to the skies! On her journey she meets Reid forest, a babyish mechanic. When they visit remarkable lands in concert, Fay upgrades her bakery and serves an ever-growing selection of delicious baked goods to eager customers. Help Fay save her grandparents' bakery in Baking Success, a challenging time-management game to the top with the joy of baking!

Fairytale-inspired visual form
Bakery upgrades and decorations
Achievements to be evidence for inedible your skills!

Note:if you believe you installed the game successfully but the game doesn't start then you need some windows components, to easy way go to the game folder where you installed (usually program files--games--baking success) find the folder "Support Files" open it and install 2 necessary components, it should work then..

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