Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Royal Settlement 1450

Royal Settlement 1450
The kingdom’s capital is nothing but a gaping aperture of bareness. The liege lord is utterly disgruntled and astonished – come again? Can be the unsurpassed way to fill up the capital again? The king appoints you to liege man in “Royal Settlement 1450“. Your task is to build towns, villages and trade-routes in order to try wild nature into flourishing and primarily profitable terrain. There is rejection stage to lean back since the king is waiting representing profit and patience has not at all been solitary of his strengths! But your probability of victory are high spot. Don’t put out of your mind to smoothly salary moderate tribute to keep the king well-disposed. If you fail to succeed in stage and fall behind with paying tribute, you will lose the king’s benevolence…

Time-management and strategy-style fun!
Campaign and continuous modes
Construct fantastic buildings

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