Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crime Line

Modish Crime Line, you're a homicide detective exploring a eclectic variety of murders, gathering evidence by the side of the scenes, reconstructing the crime and catching the killer! Dive into 12 multifarious murders scenes, discover hundreds of pieces of evidence and interview dozens of suspects and witnesses to assemble their stories. Every clue is imperative, and each witness has a story to tell. Match the witnesses with the evidence to discover who is decisive the truth and who is two-faced. Once you attain the killer, you'll reconstruct the murder and attain not worth it could you repeat that? Really happened. With both holder, you'll attain not worth it not simply who committed the offense, but the motive behind the crime! Solve both holder efficiently and you'll be content with more hints and elevated rank.

Warning: This game skin texture realistic murder personal belongings and scenes, with images of illegal drugs, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and depictions of death.

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