Monday, November 25, 2013

House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame Collectors

Legend of Gallia

An old druid from Gallia truly got a rush order from Caesar. He is said to create a curative elixir. To cook it, he needs to collect a lot in life of ingredients.

Les Miserables

'Les Miserables' is solitary of the for the most part famous literary factory in the globe. It has been adapted representing film several epoch.

Grim Facade: Cost of Jealousy Collectors Updated

Unravel a puzzling thriller in Grim Façade: The Cost of Jealousy! You own been called to Spain to investigate the murder of a sorrowful woman’s partner.

Off the Record: Linden Shades Collectors

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Youda Time Management Premium Pack

Get three horrendous Youda Time Management games in solitary bundle!

Youda Survivor 2:

Survive an exotic adventure as you handiwork organized with a friendly tribe to discovery a missing talisman! Fight sour pirates, harness a quantity of cherished physically and be the hero.

Pirates vs Corsairs: Davey Jones Gold

Davy Jones' gold has been falseness next to the foundation of the sea representing years... It's stage to bring it to the apparent! The pirates own embarked on a treasure hunt, and the corsairs own embarked on a pirates hunt. Things won't top well!

Royal Defense: Invisible Threat

Become a part of an exciting story based on the dwarven kingdom's eternal struggle not in favor of the troll hordes, who would like single to crush the dwarves and retrieve their territory!

Big City Adventure: Tokyo

The up-to-the-minute stage in the thump hidden object cycle is now! Explore mighty Tokyo, the world's main metropolitan area!

Haunted Hotel Eclipse BETA

Hog puzzle beta game

Download: FileFactory

Friday, November 22, 2013

Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Collectors

The Queen has chosen your sister as her successor, but are her promises too respectable to be actual? You were single six what time your care for vanished, leaving you to thought representing your younger sister, Elizabeth. After she receives an invite naming her as the

Legend of Egypt 2

The ancient civilization of the Nile River Valley, legendary reputation and wealth, is still masked in mystery, which is why it has fascinated mankind representing centuries.

Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death SE

There exists love so strong, it can overcome the for the most part powerful evil. During Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death, this love is born in the focal point of a woman who sets improbable rescue her fiancé from a supernatural force to facilitate feeds on person misery.

Untold History: Descendant of the Sun Collectors

Confront an ancient evil and bare your actual destiny in Untold History: Descendant of the Sun! You spent your total life believing to facilitate you were an soul. But solitary night, your globe is tainted forever what time an unexpected visitor arrives with a startling revelation – you are the magic

Order of the Rose

Take on the role of a homicide detective as you track down an mysterious killer who leaves cryptic puzzles on the bodies of the victims.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Toy Defense 2

Feel the spirit of World War II in the modern court case strategy game, Toy Defense 2! Take part in various missions in a range of theatres of war from picturesque Normandy beaches and forests to the North African deserts.

Sparkle 2

A long stage previously, five enchanted keys were twisted to candid a lock guarding something of immeasurable valuable.

Druid Kingdom

The creators of the revolutionary My Kingdom representing the Princess cycle, bring you Druid Kingdom, a modern admired resource management game with a fantastic modern plot.

Dark Canvas: A Brush with Death Collectors Updated

Uncover the mystery behind an artist’s deadly talent in Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death! Your daughter, Angie, was wandering through Europe what time she vanished exclusive of a evidence.

Haunted Legends: The Curse of Vox Collectors

Investigate a terrace brimming with spirits in Haunted Legends: The Curse of Vox! You couldn’t ignore Silvia Filler’s earnest explanation representing help.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Guide Armado safely through risky terrains and save the Great Eagles from the terrifying army of invading ants! Navigate Armado though 14 challenging levels. He duty run, roll and clump his way to the top of both hill and place a magical egg in both nest. After accomplishing this, he duty rush back down the hill beforehand instant runs not worth it on the alarm clock. Along the way, Armado will pick up power-ups so as to will help him accomplish these goals.

House of 1000 Doors

House of 1000 Doors

Return to the House of 1,000 Doors to save mankind from extermination! Giant snakes allow burst not worth it of the Earth and are wreaking destruction across each continent. From the smoking ruins of a ruined city, the House rises to the clouds, and a baffling stranger rescues Kate from undeniable death and brings her to the remarkable dwelling. Her mission: To travel back in instant to four another epochs to collect the elements desirable to activate a mechanism so as to can finish the ancient beasts.Your journey as you show Kate will challenge you.

Dracula 4

Dracula 4

A payload boat transport a valuable collection of artwork in support of the Metropolitan Museum of painting sinks. A only some months soon, single of the paintings resurfaces in Hungary The Museum sends the art restorer Ellen Cros to confirm the painting.



She thought sure! Alan was to conclude leaving to marry his sweetheart, Catalina. She simply had single small application beforehand the wedding, to ask in support of her father’s blessing.



Discover the wonders of an new island and help the natives restore their ravaged terrestrial to its earlier glory in Moai: Build Your Dream! Overcome the passion of an practicing volcano, hordes of attacking ghosts and the menace of decreasing income as you show the hero and a native princess on their quest.

Love Chronicles

Love Chronicles

The evil Alura is back and this instant she’s attacking your homeland! You’ve got the opening to undo her lot, but can the witch be redeemed? Behind her evil is the single who caused it all – a dark lord by the surname of Zander. Stop him and undo the mutilation he dealt to Alura’s twitchy spirit!