Friday, November 8, 2013



She thought sure! Alan was to conclude leaving to marry his sweetheart, Catalina. She simply had single small application beforehand the wedding, to ask in support of her father’s blessing. The babyish pair travels to the small town in Mexico anywhere her father is from, new precisely in instant in support of the yearly Day of the Dead celebration. But whilst he doesn’t unite them by the side of the train station, that’s simply the inauguration of their problems. Is it precisely the part, or did so as to report jargon to you? And so as to guy is unquestionably wearing a skeleton mask, straight? Cross the border linking life and death in this merry Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Festive collectables and achievements!
Quirky ambiance and funny typescript!
Travel to the Land of the Dead!
Unlockable arcade mini-games

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