Thursday, November 21, 2013

Druid Kingdom

The creators of the revolutionary My Kingdom representing the Princess cycle, bring you Druid Kingdom, a modern admired resource management game with a fantastic modern plot. Continue honing your skills in this unique genre to facilitate combines stage management, simulator, and strategy, in four astonishing and colorful fairytale settings!This game will propel you on a magical visit accompanied by modern typeset: Jack, the children king of the Seven Hills, and his beautiful companion Etain. Your quest representing the Staff of the High Druid leads you on an incredible journey through the strange lands of the Druids, the sands of Babylon, the alchemists' nation state, and the rocks of Alamut. You will fight not in favor of evil desert genies, rebuild the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, save the alchemists' nation state from destructive dragons, and gain knowledge of Etain's secret.


- A game mechanic to facilitate combining the particulars of stage management, simulator, and strategy

- A capricious and engaging plot line

- 4 fairy-tale settings

- Superb graphics and sound

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