Monday, November 25, 2013

Legend of Gallia

An old druid from Gallia truly got a rush order from Caesar. He is said to create a curative elixir. To cook it, he needs to collect a lot in life of ingredients. Your task is to help the druid with the herbs he needs. At the same stage you can furthermore furnish his place in the country since it is easier to create a cherished elixir in a pleasant setting. Try to form and discharge triple-rows by heartbreaking items. Increase your total to comprehend herbs and provisions representing your task. Always take thought. It is potential to lose already gathered herbs, again! The tasks comprehend harder, the foster you progress in game. Any solutions will comprehend you closer to your goal of creating a curative elixir representing Caesar. Beginners will comprehend into the game very effortlessly. The intricacy increases gradually but steadily and it gets harder to interrupt in concert from level to level. Travel back to Gallia and support the druids!


-More than 100 fascinating levels

-Several modern in game skin tone

-Simple introduction and movable intricacy level

-Compelling and long lasting fun

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