Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dark Canvas: A Brush with Death Collectors Updated

Uncover the mystery behind an artist’s deadly talent in Dark Canvas: A Brush With Death! Your daughter, Angie, was wandering through Europe what time she vanished exclusive of a evidence. Her after everything else dispatch urged you to show your face to a remote island town in Italy, wherever she had stumbled ahead a dark secret. When you arrive, you gain knowledge of to facilitate at hand has been a cycle of tragic deaths in town, accompanied by sightings of a legendary spirit called the Silhouette. With rejection way of knowing who would be then, citizens crooked to Virgil, a native dancer who can distinctively predict the upcoming through his paintings. Now you be required to seek improbable Virgil and his strange paintings or you and your daughter be converted into the then victims of his deadly predictions!


-A bonus story

-Gorgeous art and screensavers

-Downloadable tune tracks

-Integrated strategy direct

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